Making candles with essential oils at home and make money

Making and scenting candles with essential oils is a great pastime as well as a great way of making money from the comfort of your own home

By adding essential oil candles to any room you can set the mood for people in that environment. Homemade scented candles can stimulate, relax, and help to bring back memories of the good times. They can bring about a change in mood without being aware of the reason for the change.

The essential oil is added to the wax after it has melted but before pouring the wax into your mold, container or free form candle. This allows the essential oil to mix evenly throughout your candle. Remember to have a small amount of the scented wax to use for topping off your candle. Paraffin candles do tend to shrink in the middle after hardening.

Note: The usual ratio of wax to scent is 1lb / 450g of wax to  1 oz / 30ml of essential oil.

Making candles with essential oils

Experimenting to find the right essential oil candle recipes for you

Don’t be afraid to experiment by creating new and interesting scents. When creating your own scents you can use a medicine dropper, small glass dish,  cotton swabs and so on so you can try the different essential oils. However, remember that high quality therapeutic grade essential oils are expensive but at the same time go a long way.  To get the best quality therapeutic grade essential oils for candle making click on the “order now” button below.

Scenting candles with essential oils

How to create essential oil candle recipes?

Once you have everything assembled, place some paper on the working area, old newspapers work well for this projects. In the small glass dish put:

  • Two drops of essential oil
  • Two drops of your blending essential oil
  • Mix both oils in the dish with a toothpick.

Leave the oils for a few moments and smell  some coffee grounds to clear your nose. Return to the dish, smell the oils from a distance. This will help you get a better idea how the blend smells. You can mix any combination of oils using the same technique to determine what suits you.

Once you have achieved the fragrance you want, mix the oils in the same manner or ratio that you used when creating it. For example if you used 2 drops of bergamot and 1 drop of rose, you may mix 2 oz / 60ml of bergamot with 1 oz / 30ml of rose to create enough scent for your candle.

Remember that you only use  1 oz  / 30ml of oil to 1lb / 450g of wax when making your homemade candles. Use caution and never use more than this amount unless you are using a special wax that allows more oil to be added. This is because essential oils are flammable.

When you have made your essential oil candle recipes

Once you have created your fragrance, store the oil in a small glass brown bottle in a cool area to protect the oils from the light and extreme temperatures. Let the oil infuse for approximately three days prior to use. Test the oil on cotton wool to see how much, if any, the fragrance has changed since storing it. Some change usually occurs.

Making candles with essential oils is a fun hobby but also as a way of making money from home by selling your blends. If you are interested in more about making money from essential oils  – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap….