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Nature’s Fragrant Pharmacy blog is an essential oils guide book review on how to use, purchase, and make money online with doTERRA essential oils.

We are Tamara and Marc Houser.  We met and married in Anchorage, Alaska.  Marc lived in and loved the 49th State for 35 years.  Tamara survived for 22 years.  We lived year round in vibrant Anchorage and never did see an igloo.  We started our essential oils journey when we tried doTERRA On Guard products for the very first time.

Essential oils guide bookThe bodies natural vitamin D level can come up short in January and February.  This is especially true with the lack of sunshine during the long dark days of late winter.  We moved to Western North Carolina to alleviate the health issues related to the dark winter days associated with the northern climes.

The four seasons of North Carolina offered the greater sense of a vital seasonal change.  It brought an awakening of and to natures bounty.  Even as a child Marc sensed all things in nature are in a cycle that maintains healthy balance.  If our bodies are not healthy, or out of balance in some manner, nature provides the missing element or elements.  And, nature can return the body to a healthy level when those elements are found and used for the purpose.  For good health we are charged with finding that missing element and incorporating it in our lives.

The essential oils guide book to our journey.

We started our journey by defining the basics.  We had begun to notice changes in our bodies as we age.  For Tamara menopause had been a hellish 12 year journey.  This after a 50+ lb. weight gain and then loss while being on a bio-identical HRT for almost 2 years.  Marc had been taking statins for over 20 years to reduce a naturally occurring high cholesterol level.  Our research brought us to a more safe and natural holistic lifestyle through the use of essential oils.  It has reduced the pharmaceuticals in our diet.  Marc  no longer takes the statins.

Doterra aromatouch techniqueOur essential oils journey began with a motivation to adopt healthier eating habits.  We began using doTERRA essential oils in our cooking recipes.  We noticed the differences right away.  Little things at first:  appetite satisfaction with Slim & Sassy blend;  less stomach and digestion issues with Ginger essential oil;  less achy joints and inflammation with a drop of Frankincense under the tongue.

As we added more essential oil blends, we noticed calmer moods, better focus and attention.  It is now common for us to massage Balance blend on the bottom of our feet in the morning.  We are on a daily regimen of the Life Long Vitality supplements.  In addition Tamara takes the womens’ bone and health supplements.  As a result we find we are more energetic.  Or pop a On-Guard beadlet after being out amongst the general public.  We have not had colds for at least the last year.  And with Serenity added to the bedroom diffuser at night, we experience a more restful sleep.

Marc did a lot of research on the use of oil blending for concentration during sporting activity.  The benefits of using  Deep Blue on  tired muscles  after a day of yard work can not be overstated.  Tending the garden, cutting and splitting firewood, etc.

We’ve branched out in learning more about the use of essential oils with our pets.  Our giant breed dogs, “The Wolfhounds”, Barley and Charley have sensitive stomachs.  We supplement their diet with homemade treats and rewards fortified with Ginger essential oil.

We find using the family of doTERRA essential oil products;  the single oils, the oil blends, the wellness supplements, the personal care products and a multitude of  additional items benefits our holistic lifestyle.  They bring a satisfying comfort to our family at the end of each day.

doTERRA AromaTouch Technique journey.

Marc has become certified in doTERRA AromaTouch TechniquedoTERRA AromaTouch Technique is a method of providing a beneficial soothing massage incorporating a combination of eight doTERRA essential oils and unique oil blends.  Tamara is exploring additional education to become an Aromatherapy Therapist.  Her favorite essential oils are the emotional wellness series, in particular the new Yoga Collection.

We use essential oils with the grandkids, especially doTERRA On-Guard products.  They assist in maintaining their  good health.  We find the In-Tune focus blend lessen their anxious feelings sometimes related with school activity.

We are excited about the growth the future holds for us as we continue to learn, apply, and develop daily habits with the use of essential oils as they benefit our wellness journey.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

If you would like more information about our journey or download our essential oils guide book on this page Click here and get started straight away…

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