Essential oils and yoga instructor classes in North Carolina

Local yoga classes for beginners and advance pupils have begun using essential oil to enhance the experience in North Carolina

Attending yoga classes regularly during the Winter, you are more than likely laying next to someone with a cold or flu. Those with a family will probably have children coming home with the latest something that’s going around. And as traveling to retreats and workshops becomes more popular, they are bound to need a little immune boost during the yoga classes.

So, instructors have started to use essential oils during their classes to counteract this situation. Essential oil are actually part of a plant’s immune system, and just happen to be very compatible with our own biochemistry and great to diffuse as a part of the yoga experience. Essential oils help immunize our system, stimulate immune function, and directly eradicate both bacteria and viruses.

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Diffusing  Doterra essential oils for yoga

For cold and flu prevention, essential oils can be either inhaled, topically applied, or both. The most effective means is when an instructor has a diffuser running while they start their yoga class. These oils support the pupils immune system before the class begins.

The diffuser is normally run (5-10 minutes every hour) or continuously on its lowest setting. Inhalation of certain essential oils such as eucalyptus has been scientifically proving to activate our immune system while vapor has been proven to eradicate microbes both in the environment.

When using a diffuser isn’t practical to apply oils topically as well as diffuse. The simplest option is to apply a couple drops on each wrist, rubbing them together, then rubbing them on your neck and chest. The essential oils will be rapidly absorbed through the skin, and will be distributed throughout your bloodstream during the yoga lesson.

Note: While many people have no problem with using a few drops of essential oil, some with more sensitive skin will absolutely need to dilute the oils in a carrier.

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For additional support using Doterra essential oils for yoga

Consider using a little lemon essential oil or On-guard blend in your yoga lesson water bottle, because lemon and On-guard has excellent purifying properties, both for the water and our bodies.

Add 5 or so drops of oil to each quart of water and drink throughout the day and during your yoga lesson. This can help with immune supportive and protect against infectious illness.

Some final words, yoga is a great way to help with stress and life in general in this forever complex world, but joining essential oils to the mix it takes the yoga existence to another level.

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Doterra essential oils for yoga