How to become a distributor from home

If you have been searching for independent distributor opportunities that can be done from home we may have the solution for you

When you decide to become a distributor you have simply decided to take control of you life and become a entrepreneur. However as a distributor unlike an entrepreneur you are not expected to handle all the financial ricks that are involved in running a traditional business.

Nevertheless, it does means you have been pondering what type of product you would like to distribute and how comfortable you feel about running a business in the first place, because the reality is “Work is required”

Once you have made a decision, most companies work with a method where the distributor can purchase products at wholesale and sell them at retail. This generally entails some kind of personal networking, advertising, marketing or selling the products directly to the public. If you have heard enough get started today of the link below:

How to find distributors

For some people looking to make money from home the products are important, but how does anyone decide what products will sale the best?

The experts say that the best method is to find the market that has a demand for a product and then find the product that they are looking for and sell it to them.  This is called supply and demand or in this case demand and supply. Unfortunately, people get attached to having something they like or think will sell and then have a problem finding anyone to buy it.

At the moment, a product that is highly sort after in the home based industry is essential oils, but not just any type of essential oils, therapeutic grade essential oils used in the health and wellness industry. Most distributors with these products can expect a retention rate of returning customers at about 67% which is one of the highest in the industry.

So, searching for the demand in this case is not necessary and considering people here in the United States are willing to spend about 20% of their income on health and wellness products and services the main issue will be supplying  the customer with a quality product.

Customers with the income to spend on these types of products are also looking to be informed about the oils and demand the best quality available, so finding the right company is very important, because you are your customer needs to believe in the products you are offering.

Why should I consider independent distributor opportunities in therapeutic grade essential oils?

The health and wellness industry has become the new key word for the newage middle classes who are looking for an alternative to the traditional health care system and food culture.

In addition, to a residue income, they also have a negative view of medication, traditional health care and food production. This has made products such as therapeutic grade essential oil a must have part of their medicine cabinet as well as a part of their lifestyle.

As time goes on, more people have started to become interest in the uses of therapeutic grade essential oils in their daily lives creating massive possibilities to make money from home.

This means when somebody wants to become a distributor from home in therapeutic grade essential oils they will be making a great business and career decision.

Become a distributor from home

What independent distributor opportunities are available to me?

There are many companies offering the opportunity to people like you and me to make money from home however there is one company that stands out and that is Doterra.

Doterra offers their distributors a free webshop where you can present their products, a back office to administrate their business  and no monthly fee all for only 35$ / 20€ / £20.

In addition, distributors will the high quality essential oil products at a wholesale price (-25%) and one on one business training regardless where they are in the world.

The benefits include:

  • Products at wholesale prices 25% below retail prices.
  • Free product purchase credits in the Loyalty Rewards program.
  • Personalized webshop and back office
  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Ability to build your own sells team
  • No monthly fee
  • Product promotions and discounts

How to find distributors that can help me get started?

When you are considering who you are going to join or ask for support, it is strangely suggested that you enrol the services and advice of a experienced distributor who can take you through the up and down of running a home based business such as myself.

SO, if you would like more information about why you should become a distributor from home with Doterra – Click here or PM me and I will get back to you asap…..